Implant-X by DTE® Implant Motor Set



Implant-X Set includes: 

Motor unit (1ea); Power cord (1ea); Handpiece holder (1ea); Disposable water pipe (4ea); Infusion bottle holder (1ea); Disinfection plug (2ea); Pipe clamp (10ea); O-ring (Motor) (4ea); Foot pedal (1ea); Motor handpiece (1ea); Contra-angle kit (1ea); Spare fuse (2ea); Instruction manual (1ea); Warranty card (1ea); Qualified certificate (1ea); Instruction card (1ea).


SKU: WPK1408

Manufactured by Woodpecker® Medical Instrument Co., Ltd.

Marketed and advertised as DTE® for the New Zealand market.

Distributed in New Zealand by Neo Dental Ltd.