CBCT 'ECO-X AI [Artificial Intelligence]' by HDX

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Cutting-edge AI algorithm technology, enables:

  • Low dose exposure
  • High-quality image
  • Auto-detection 

A precise CBCT with a lower dosage than panorama mode.



Wider FOV (16x9 cm) enables the diagnosis of the entire dentition and TMJ:

Eco-x/Eco-x-s AI CBCT:

CE Europe certification standard.

Four-axis collimator, capable to collimate the primary beam to the region of interest. 

X-ray capture and Orthodontic analysis simultaneously with AI Auto landmark Detection:


Eco-x provides CT images free from distortion with a lower dosage than that of the panorama.


High-Quality AI MAR reduces the metal artefact and image distortion;

Provides a precise diagnosis for patients with prosthesis or orthodontic treatment:


Minimises the image distortion by capturing images based on the patient’s arch structure:

  • Autofocus provides clear images.
  • Multiple capture mode choices for different treatments.
  • Less radiation dosage with a faster capturing time.



  • Function: CBCT + Panorama + Model Scan
  • Focal spot: 0.5mm
  • Scan time CBCT: 8s or 12s, 24s
  • Scan time Panorama: 14s or less
  • FOV size: 16x9 cm 
  • Voxel size (CT): 0.2~0.3
  • Tube voltage: 60kV~90kV
  • Tube current: 4mA~10mA



  • Eco-x AI (WxDxH): 980 mm x 1225 mm x 2314 mm

  • Eco-x-s AI (WxDxH): 1802 mm x 1225 mm x 2314 mm

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Package includes: 

  • CBCT x 1 
  • Software 
  • Desktop/Monitor
  • Delivery (in NZ)
  • Support of installation and compliance arrangements
  • Tips on room layout/protection for x-ray exposures 
  • 24 months warranty


 SKU: HDX1381 | FOV 16x9 cm AI

SKU: HDX1379 | FOV 16x9 cm AI with Ceph Arm/Scan

Made in Korea by HDX WILL.

CBCT comes from HDX WILL warehouse in the Netherlands, Europe.

Distributed in New Zealand by Neo Dental.


FOV options: