3Dii DentiqGuide - Accurate Easy to use Premium Implant Planning Software

Implant planning and 3D printed guide solution

3Dii  provides implant guide planning and design software solutions to a wide range of implant brands and their users around the world since 2010. 3Dii provides software that reconstructs images from a CBCT. You can obtain 1) comprehensive examination using CBCT imaging surface scan model technology, 2) Implant treatment planning with implant simulation and guide design, 3) Team collaboration using 3dii plan shared in between dentists and rest of the team, and 4) Fabricate milled or printed guides seamlessly with options of making temporary crown to fit to the prefabricated abutments.

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Software Workflow
  1. Dental manager - Patient registration and data management
  2. Case setup - Tooth number  and type of work selection
  3. Load data - CT scan data and surface scan data loading
  4. Tooth removal - Function for immediate implantation after extraction
  5. Virtual wax-up - Crown placement and design
  6. Alignment - Alignment between CT scan data and Optical scan data
  7. Draw arch curve - to make a panoramic view
  8. Nerve setting - to consider position and distance between implant and nerve
  9. Implant placement - Implant placement based on the crown position
  10. Guide design - accurate fit with blocking out undercuts
  11. Crown Design - Temporary crown design for immediate loading procedure
  12. The result - Export plan, drilling protocol and STL mesh for guide and model

  1. Easy to maneuver and explore the CBCT images and areas surrounding the  implant 
  2. Increased surgery accuracy using digital guide
  3. Reduced chair times and increase predictability of initial stability
  4. Prosthetic driven implant planning and simulation of placement
  5. NEW edentulous module with full arch / full denture scan mode included


Latest news:

MEDIT Link now connects with DentiqGuide, one of the most intuitive and affordable dental implant planning solutions. The connection enables implantologists to enjoy a seamless workflow, from intraoral scan data acquisition to surgical guide design.

DentiqGuide is globally well known for the freely downloadable software as open-architecture type dental implant surgery total solution – implant planning, surgical guide designing, and even temporary crown designing.

Moreover, i700 users can generate dental model STL files, both hollow type and solid type, from intraoral scan data using a unique tool of DentiqGuide, the ‘Generate Model Base’.

This collaboration may provide MEDIT users convenient access and time-saving benefit.
DentiqGuide has been certified by FDA, CE and PMDA in Japan.


1x USB license dongle

No annual subscription fee

Version updates incl.

Export STL Coupons

Coupon system: Pay as you go - 10 coupons per package at the cost of USD 200.

Otherwise, send to your Local DentiqGuide 3D printing company to 3D print surgical stents for you (incl.).

Click here to make an inquiry to purchase coupons or contact us directly at Neo Dental New Zealand.

Coupons rules

1 coupon for a single arch

0.1 coupons for single temporary crowns

It can be purchased as a bundle of 10 coupons from 3Dii or Neo Dental - your local trainer and distributor.