Medit i700 Wireless Intraoral 3D Scanner

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Medit i700 Wireless
RRP: USD21,900














Remote Control

Conveniently check scan data from the scanner itself and prevent cross-contamination. 

60 GHz Wireless Technology

For high-speed wireless connection.

UV-C LED Disinfection

Lower risk of contamination inside the handpiece.

Light & Weight Balanced

For stable, comfortable use.


Scan up to 30 cases with 1 battery*.

*Performance may vary according to usage conditions

When the scanner’s cable disappears, so do restrictions to scan movements. Strengthened impact resistance minimizes damage from accidental drops. Weight balanced design of the i700 wireless provides a stable, comfortable scanning experience.


Medit Link

Medit Link is a fully open system for you.

Scan with free intelligent features and apps specialized for your dental procedures. Improve consultation experience with your patient to provide better treatment options. Enhance your communication with labs through a real-time cloud-based system. Medit is one of the fastest companies in the industry to provide software upgrades. Users can get a renewed scanner with improved performance and new features through software upgrades alone.

Scan & Communicate

Smart Scan Filtering

  • Remove unnecessary soft tissue data which is one of the biggest challenges when performing scans.

Medit Ortho Simulation

  • Help the patient visualize the potential results of orthodontic treatment.

Cloud-based Service

  • Store all data in the cloud. Work on your original scans, archive your digital impressions and orders, manage your cases wherever you are.

Medit Smile Design

  • Show the patient their future smile or help them envision a braces treatment.

Web Viewer & Case Talk

  • Experience smoother communication, with partners. View scan data on any device and share notes. All data is stored securely.

Smart Shade Guide

  • Automatically distinguishes and suggests the best matching shade from scan data.

A.I. Scan Body Matching

  • Secures accurate scan body data in difficult-to-scan areas, such as the posterior region.

A.I. Abutment Matching

  • Secures accurate margin data in difficult-to-scan situations.

HD Mode

  • Get a sharper scan image in the margin area with the upgraded HD Mode.

Treatment Types

  • Margin Line Creation
  • Denture Scanning
  • A.I. Scanbody & Abutment matching
  • Medit Crown Fit
  • Impression Scanning
  • Face Scan


See more: 

Medit i700 wireless brochure.

Cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization tips.


Basic Scanning Instructions:

Maxilla scanning strategy video.

Mandible scanning strategy video.

Occlusion scanning strategy video.



More features:

  • Margin marking or identification in the native Medit imaging software that allows you to send the data to the lab, or for you to proceed with the design in your preferred computer-aided design software.
  • Artificial implant scan body, abutment, impression post-detection and automatic import into design software.
  • The Medit i700 is one of the only scanners on the market that can create water-tight models or add bases to your models so that you can immediately print them. Many scanners force you or the lab to spend extra time on this process and this can save the dentist quite a lot of time.
  • Scanning large span areas and arches can be easily achieved with the help of the reliability mode.
  • Dual buccal bites and manual alignment allow for greater precision in mounting your digital cases correctly and preserving the proper vertical dimension.
  • Image and produce open source .STL, .OBJ, .PLY files.
  • Open .STL, .OBJ, .PLY- not tethered to a license.

Computer Specs:

RRP: USD21,900

Price exclusive of GST

Shipping, installation, training, and support included.


Basic: 1 year on scanner, adaptors and cables except for autoclavable tips.

Extended (2 additional years): USD2,000 (~NZD3,100).


Item can be financed for NZ business owners via 3rd party lease equipment finance company. Get in touch with us to know more.


Contact for the package deal for NZ and Australia.


SKU: MDT1405

Manufactured in Korea by Medit Corp.

Distributed in New Zealand by Neo Dental.