Medit i500 Accessories

Medit i500 Accessories are:

  • Single Tip (1ea)
  • Tips (4 pkt)
  • Calibration tool
  • Desktop cradle
  • Wall mount holder
  • Power adapter + cable
  • USB 3.0 cable


i500 Interchangeable Tips

QTY: 1ea/pkt

Interchangeable tips for Medit i500.

Autoclave at 121'C (249.8'F) 30 minutes only.


1. The tip must be cleansed and sterilised before using it for the first time and for reuse to avoid cross-contamination among patients.

2. The mirror should be handled with care. Do not scratch it. Be careful not to smudge it before scanning a patient.


Cleaning and sterilisation procedure

1. Clean the tip manually using soap water with a brush, and inspect the tip's mirror after cleaning.

2. If the mirror appears stained please repeat the cleaning procedure and carefully dry the tip and the mirror with a paper towel. Put the tip in a paper sterilisation pouch, and then seal the pouch airtight.

3. Sterilise the wrapped tip in an autoclave with the following condition, 30 minutes of sterilisation at 121 'C/ 249'F followed by a 15 minute drying period.

4. The tip can be re-sterilised up to 20 times.

Medit will not be responsible for any damage (including distortion, discolouration)  for cleaning and sterilising in other conditions then above. 

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