[Components] Air Flow Prophylaxis Polisher & Ultrasonic Scaler


Components | SKU:

Ultrasonic handpiece non-LED (HW-3H) | WPK1432

Ultrasonic handpiece LED (HW-5L) | WPK1433

Supragingival air polishing handpiece (AP-1) | WPK1434

Subgingival air polishing handpiece (AP-2) + 10 Tips + wrench | WPK1435

Sterilisation box for ultrasonic handpiece | WPK1436

Sterilisation box for air polishing handpiece | WPK1437

Subgingival nozzle | WPK1438

Nozzle wrench | WPK1439

Ultrasonic scaler wrench (TD1L) | WPK1440

Cloth face drape | WPK1442


See also: Prophylaxis Powder for airpolishers


Manufactured by Woodpecker® Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. under the license of DTE®

Marketed and registered as DTE®for New Zealand.

Distributed in New Zealand by Neo Dental Ltd.