Ai-Pex by Woodpecker/DTE® Apex locator

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Introducing the new Ai-Pex Locator with Pulp Tester from Woodpecker.

Product Features:

  • Accurate measurement of root canal length - Suitable for complex root canals. Automatically and precisely determine the position of the apical foramen. Our Endodontists have tested this product for accuracy.

  • Enable working length control during preparation when connected to an endo motor - Connecting the Ai-pex to a Woodpecker 812 MT or Smart+ Endo Motors allows real-time observation of the file's position in the root canal during operation and activates many automatic functions (e.g. Auto-Reverse).

  •  Constant Current - Constant-current electric pulp testers are superior to constant-voltage ones in terms of accuracy in determining pulpal viability and correlating test values with histopathological classification.

More Features:

  • 7 Generation Apex Locator With High Accuracy.
  • 3.8″ LCD Touch Screen.
  • Adjustable sound recognition.
  • Over 5h wireless working time on a full charge.
  • Constant current source-Electric pulp testing.
  • Anti-interference software for increased accuracy.
  • Unique magnetic swivel stand for 360 rotation and viewing.
  • Automatic calibration on startup.
  • 4 working modes.


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Download Ai-Pex instruction manual 

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SKU: WPK1460

Manufactured by Woodpecker® Medical Instrument Co., Ltd.

Marketed and advertised as DTE®for the New Zealand market.

Distributed in New Zealand by Neo Dental Ltd.