INOD U.P. Fiber Splint [Kit]

ltra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (U.P.) Fiber Splint

U.P. Fiber Splint is a bondable reinforcement ribbon that prevents fracture failures in dental composites and resin. Structure of glass fiber weave and property of bondable, high-strength delivers superior fracture toughness and crack-stopping feature.

■ Advantage

  • Biocompatible splinting and retainer
  • Highly esthetic and comfortable for the patient
  • Very easy and fast application
  • A non-invasive application requiring minimum tooth preparation
  • Long shelf life, no expiry date. No special conservation required
  • Tensile strength is approximately 10 times stronger than regular polyethylene
  • Good absorbent of bonding agent and then it well bonds any flowable composite system

■ Availablewith [1, 2, 3 and 4mm]

  • 1mm for an orthodontic retainer
  • 2, 3, 4mm for periodontal splinting

■ Starter Kit with assorted sizes with accessories including

  • 1mm x 200mm ribbons x 1ea
  • 2mm x 200mm ribbons x 1ea
  • 3mm x 200mm ribbons x 1ea
  • 4mm x 200mm ribbons x 1ea
  • Stainless steel scissors x 1ea
  • Tinfoil for measuring splint length
  • Instruction manual
  • Hard box 

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Note: Ribbond™ and Dentapreg™ are the trademark of Ribbond inc and Detapreg.

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Designed and manufactured by INNODENTAL Co Ltd.

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Made in Korea