Bonida Dual Alpha Dental Camera

Bonida Dual Alpha [BDA18-100]

Bonida Dual Alpha cameras are made with sleek aluminium head with a robust body, designed to produce lightweight, high quality, high-resolution images to assist practitioners in their daily work and assist in patient education. The cameras are easily connected to a desktop or laptop using USB allowing for complete maneuverability and easy transfer between surgeries. The new slim and narrower head profile, white LED light array together with the CMOS video image sensor enables the Bonida cameras to produce brilliant sharp images.

The Bonida Dual Alpha models have the first and only measuring tool incorporated in the cameras. By holding the right capture button for 3 seconds the measuring mode is enabled. A graduated ruler is superimposed over the image allowing for easy measurements to be taken.

Product features
A. The DUAL camera model allows you to take vivid high-resolution images of the entire oral maxillofacial of the patient
B. Clear images are taken on both the HD and DUAL models using a CMOS video image sensor with 720p resolution
C. Extraoral images can be captured on the DUAL model by opening the slide and activating the additional camera system. Once the slide is closed, the intraoral camera is activated enabling you to take clear high definition intraoral images
D. Using a variable liquid focus lens, the focus is adjusted automatically by pressing the focus button once. Press the capture button once to focus once again before taking the image. The focus will adjust automatically
E. Utilizing new unique built-in measuring tool mode, it is easy to detect caries or cracks in damaged teeth
(Please use the appropriate equipment to obtain the exact numerical value to cure as the measuring tool only provides a reference to a numerical value.)
F. The camera cable connection uses a full metal slotted connector, therefore it does not loosen easily, is robust and ensures the camera is connected correctly.
G. Both the DUAL and HD models have the new streamlined smaller and narrower head profile with brilliant white LEDs

Image sensor: HD 720p CMOS Video image sensor
Output resolution & Image transfer rate: MJPG 1280 x 720 30fps
Lens Type: Variable focus Liquid LENS
Lens Focus: Trigger AF
Lens Range: Intra-oral 5mm ~ 45mm (± 10%)
Lens Range: Measuring Ruler 5mm ~ 30mm (± 6%)
Lens Range: Extra 17mm ~ 123mm (± 20%)
FOV Diagonal: 64.00 Deg (± 3%)
FOV Horizontal: 53.05 Deg (± 3%)
FOV Vertical: 41.14 Deg (± 3%)
LED Intra-oral: 15ea White chip LED
LED Extra-oral: 10ea White chip LED
Capture system: Hand piece Dual side capture
Camera connector: One-touch full-metal connector
Interface & Power: PC USB 2.0 DC 5V / Max 500㎃
Weight: 64g (comparisons to previous Bonida (2014): 104 gram)

Designed and manufactured by Max Dental


Bonida Dual Alpha USD 1800 (AUD 2550 or NZD 2750)

Bonida HD Alpha USD 1500 (AUD 2150 or NZD 2300)

Last updated: Nov 2019


Price includes Teamviewer installation

Warranty: 24 months RTB warranty

Made in Korea