Surgical Instruments - Basic pack 18-Pieces with cassette

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This basic pack includes the following instruments:

x1 Mirror Handle

x1 Scalpel Handle

x1 Periotome

x2 Periosteal Elevator MOLT 9 

x1 Bone Curette Curved 6

x1 Bone Carrier

x1 Dean

x1 Periosteal Elevator Seldin

x1 Bishop Retractor

x1 Minnesota Retractor

x1 Bone Mixing Bowl

x1 Towel Clamps 12cm

x1 Castroviejo Needle Holder

x1 Ruler 15cm

x1 Haemostatic Forceps

x1 Adson Tissue Forceps

x1 Caliper Double 0-35mm

x1 Sterilisation Cassette (22.5 x 29.0 cm)

All instruments are stainless steel

Titanium coated blue anodised