AnyCheck - Implant Stability Tester

What is AnyCheck?

AnyCheck determines implant stability and measures the degree of osseointegration througha unique tapping-motionThis new device combined only the advantages of bothtapping (Periotest) and RFA method (Osstell*)to provide a much safer and easier system.

AnyCheck operates without the risk of inconvenient unscrewing of the healing abutment during the critical healing process period. The test results aredisplayed in the range of 30-85, in which the numbers closely relate to the standardised ISQ values.


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What is in the box


AnyCheck main body

Desk stand

Colour display

Autoclavable removable metal tip

Lithium-ion battery operated

Rechargeable using USB-C connection 

USB-C adapter 100V~240V

Warranty: 12 months

NZD $4600 excl GST and shipping

New Zealand and Australia distribution by Neo Dental New Zealand

*osstell is a registered trademark of Osstell AB, Sweden


  1. Journal of Periodontal and Implant Science - Comparison of implant stability measurements between a resonance frequency analysis device and a modified damping capacity analysis device: an in vitro study

  2. Download PDF version