Fiber Post Kit- Q.P. Fiber Post Plus

Q.P. Fiber PostPlus(Q.P. Plus)is a highly radiopaque & light transmitting fiber post with excellent bonding strength. Anatomically shaped to fit the root canal (cylindro-conical) with a colour coding for easy identification and mechanical retentions. The outstanding feature of Q.P. Plus is that it has an aesthetically pleasing tooth colour which will blend with and not show through the composite restoration.



For corono-radicular reconstructions



Optimal radiopacity (>330%Al)

Light conducting for the use of Dual curing resin cement

Anatomically shaped with a tapered apical structure

Elastic bending strength matched to the dentin avoiding root canal fracture

Enhanced mechanical properties (Flexural Strength >1800Mpa)

Aesthetic due to its translucent matrix

Excellent bonding strength with SILANE finished surface.

Anticorrosive, biosafety, bioaffinity. Passed cytotoxicity test, ames test, acute system toxicity test and oral mucosal irritation test.

KGMP, ISO13485, ISO9001, CE, ISO4049
Experts in dental glass fibers since 2012



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