Premixed Bioceramic Root Canal Sealer 'Well-Root ST'

Premixed Bioceramic Root Canal Sealing Material

Features and benefits

  • Premixed injectable calcium aluminosilicate compound paste.
  • Excellent bonding to gutta-percha and dentin.
  • Zero shrinkage during setting.
  • Hydroxyapatite generation.
  • Demonstrates excellent physical properties.


  • Permanent obturation of the root canal.


Technical Data

  • Tight sealing.
  • Hydrophilic.
  • Extremely small particle size.


  • Below image:

Optical microscope image of GP/Well-Root ST/Dentin Interface during the microleakage test (dye penetration test):

= No dye penetration;

= No gap at the interface.



  • Well-Root ST uses zirconium oxide for a radiopaque agent.

High pH

  • Calcium hydroxide is generated during the setting.
  • pH value increases 12 and over.
  • Alkaline environment making it highly antibacterial.



  • 2g x 1syr. with Disposable tip(20ea) & Extension holder

SKU: VRC1372

      Well-Root ST Clinical guideline

      Made in Korea by Vericom Co., Ltd.

      Distributed in New Zealand by Neo Dental Ltd.