Legendary Super Glue QX-4 MDS Adhesive

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Legendary Super Glue

QX-4 MDS ADHESIVE with a revolutionary dispensing system

  • The first cyanoacrylate formulated specifically for the dental industry
  • The industry standard for over 25 years
  • The extraordinary cyanoacrylate with precision
  • Teflon micro applicator tip0good to the last drop

Uses are only limited by your imagination.

Bonds virtually all materials in a dental environment, metal, wood, plastic, rubber or glass, to each other.

Repairs broken models and dies.
Seals models and dies, protects margins and hardens model surfaces.
Cements dowel pins into models.

The Teflon dispensers act as it’s own stopper. So, after opening discard cap. MDS ADHESIVE does not readily adhere to the dispensing tube due to its unique properties, so there’s no need for a pin to open the hole for application.

Always ready for your use, just pick up the bottle and apply.

After opening, refrigeration is not necessary. If kept in a cool dry place (I.e., drawer or cupboard when not in use), you will maximise shelf life and still keep it handy for your every use.

Extended shelf life
Unopened: Up to 3 years refrigerated
Opened; Up to 6 months not refrigerated

Setting time
Cures in seconds. Excessive amount to application extends the setting time. Use just the minimum needed as the thinner the adhesive the stronger the bond.

Cost per application is reduced even more than competitive brands because of the new revolutionary Teflon dispensing applicator which results in no waste.


Usage Directions

Remove cover cap, twist-off cap and discard. The dispensing tube acts as it’s own stopper. Before opening, refrigeration is suggested, but after opening do not refrigerate unless there are long intervals (weeks) between use. Take one of the enclosed Teflon dispensing tubes, hold it as close as possible to the angle cut and insert with gentle pressure into the hole at the tip of the bottle to a depth of 3/4”.

Do not force it as the tube will bend. If this happens, cut the bent portion off, again at an angle and repeat the above procedure.

The tolerance is kept close between hole size and tube diameter to allow for a snug fit.
If you enlarge the hole, insert the tube and then sticky wax the tube to the bottle tip.

After a few applications, the adhesive will fill the gap between the tube and dispenser and the wax may be removed.

If some of the expelled adhesive is allowed to dry at the tip of the dispensing tube it may become temporarily clogged.

As MDS ADHESIVE will not permanently adhere to the Teflon dispensing tube it can be easily removed by the following procedure.

Gently hold the tube with one hand to prevent it from being pulled from the bottle, and with the fingernails of the thumb and middle finger of the other hand gently remove any excess hardened adhesive that may be at the tip of the dispensing tube.

Acetone and fingernail polish remover
Read solvent directions before use
Do not use internally or near eyes


Contains cyanoacrylate ester
Apply only to surfaces to be bonded
Use adequate ventilation
In case of body contact, flush with water
Get immediate attention for eye or internal contact

1 x QX-4 MDS Adhesive (1 oz (28.3g)
3 x Teflon tubes
1 x Manual

Manufactured by:

NZ Distribution by:
Neo Dental Limited New Zealand