IS Oral Scanbody

Second generation Neobiotech IS Oral Scanbody flag.

Individual package includes one scanbody flag with one screw to fit a 1.2mm hex driver.


1. D4 4.0mm diameter narrow scanbody - connects to Neobiotech IS implants

2. D5 5.0mm diameter regular/wide scanbody - connects to Neobiotech IS implants

3. MU Multiunit abutment 4.8mm diameter scanbody - connects to Neobiotech IS Multiunit abutments

The connection is identical between narrow, regular and wide implants - hence, it fits all Neobiotech IS implants series.

A  Connection Height

Decide Connection height when combining the fixture data

B  Oral Scan Body Screw

Fix the Scan Body by connecting to fixture

C  Cylinder of the Scan body

Path coordination when combining the fixture data

D  Flattened side of the Scan Body

Hex direction recognition when combining the fixture data

    E  Fixture



     Multi unit abutment scanbody


    Link to DME library - 3shape and Exocad