Hybrid Composite Restorative 'Denfil N' [refill]

Light-cured restorative nano-hybrid composite resin


Features and benefits

  • DenFil™ N is a universal nano-hybrid composite for use in both posterior and anterior restorations.
  • DenFil™ N adopts the Multi Nano-sized Particle distribution Technology(MNPT). It has a highly esthetic appearance and natural shade blending with surrounding tooth structure by MNPT.
  • DenFil™ N shows optimal handling and non-slumping.


  • Restorations for posterior(class I, II, V) and anterior(class III, IV, V) teeth
  • Core build-up
  • Splinting

Technical Data

Contents of Refill:
  • Restorative Resin: 1 syringe x 4g 

Shades available: 

  1. A1 - SKU: VRC1313
  2. A2SKU: VRC1314
  3. A3SKU: VRC1315
  4. A3.5SKU: VRC1316
  5. B1SKU: VRC1317
  6. B2SKU: VRC1318
  7. C1SKU: VRC1319
  8. A20SKU: VRC1320
  9. A30SKU: VRC1321
  10. BLSKU: VRC1322


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For Dental use only

Made in Korea by Vericom Co., Ltd.

Distributed in New Zealand by Neo Dental Ltd.


Shade options: