Tungsten Carbide Lab Bur by Verdent

Why pay 74+gst for one carbide denture bur?
For a limited time, get x2 premium denture burs for 44!
(*valid for the options A,B,C,D,E,F only)

'Swiss technology' Made in Poland by VERDENT
*Check photo on the left for available burs in stock in New Zealand


RED Fine Crosscut 

  • for fine finishing of precious metal alloys, chrome-nickel alloy and steel
  • excellent for denture resin
  • for coarse abrasion on ceramic and shaping

Blue Medium Crosscut

  • rapid and effective on chrome-cobalt alloys, chrome-nickel alloys and other metal alloys as well as acrylic

Black Coarse Crosscut

  • rapid and effective on stone, plaster 


A) SKU: VRD1888

B) SKU: VRD1907

C) SKU: VRD1830

D) SKU: VRD1785

E) SKU: VRD1908

F) SKU: VRD1847



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