Neobiotech Restorative Dentist's Collection

We have selected a range of items for restoring Neobiotech Implant System.


  1. Neobiotech Bone Level Internal Hex Submerged Implants (Neo CMI impalnts IS IS-II and IS-III have identical connection between the implants and abutments for all sizes and lengths. 
  2. 1.2mm Hex drivers are used with shaft length of 10, 15 and 20mm are available (15mm is standard, 10mm for limited space in molars and 20mm when the adjacent teeth are enlongated)
  3. If you already have torque ratchet wrench from manufacturers, check the item "hex driver - contra angle". In most cases, this hex driver with contra angle connection will work with your existing torque wrench system.

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