LED Curing Light [Noblesse Wireless]

LED powered curing light with 3,000mW/cm2 of max power equivalent with a plasma curing light, can cure the object fast and hard. 20000Lux brighter light illuminates the dark oral cavity to help to find caries and cracks. 

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Note: Sirius Max Advanced Curing System is a brand name owned by National Dental USA. It is marketed as Noblesse Wireless outside the USA.

Noblesse Advanced Curing System demonstrates the latest advancement in light curing technology when compared with its peers.


  • The Noblesse Advanced Curing Light can emit light waves of 420-490 nm
  • The intensity of 1,200 - 3,000 mW/cm², depending on the output mode selected by the dentist
  • Customizable program to suit each dentist's preference:
  • Precision Dual-Core lens technology distributes the light output evenly across the large 10 mm lens surface while collimating the beam to achieve deep, uniform activation and complete polymerization. The large spot size ensures full coverage over even the largest restorations, reducing the need for multiple cures 
  • A convenient white-light transillumination feature aiding in caries diagnosis, finding fractures in teeth and visual guidance during procedures.
  • The Noblesse Advanced LED CuringSystem offers a 180-degree swivel head that directs the curing beam precisely where it needs to be while allowing you to stabilize the device properly and maintain a clear view of the activation and output selection controls.
  • Only 9 mm thick and featuring a generous reach for posterior work, the Noblesse Advanced CuringSystem is comfortable for patients and for the clinician. 
  • With the integrated OLED, the bright LED display is easy to read even under powerful surgery lighting.
    • With robust aluminium construction and design,Noblesse will handle constant use day in and day out. Compared to plastic curing lights that tend to break down from chemical disinfectants or as a result of being bumped or dropped,Noblesse is virtually indestructible.
      • Rapid charging battery system powers up to 500 curing cycles on a single charge.

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      System components

      Noblesse cordless curing light wand x1

      Charging Cradle x1

      AC Power Adaptor (NZ/AU) x1

      Eye Protective Shield x1

      Disposable Sleeves x1 box of 500

      Manual x1

      12 months warranty 

      Noblesse Advanced | SKU: MXD1363

      Made In Korea

      Distributed by Neo Dental New Zealand