Neo NaviGuide Kit - Regular / Wide





No-handle guide for easy drilling and control

Most guide kits today include a handle guide which is held in one hand during the drilling process. During drilling there have been instances where the handle moves and accuracy is affected, leading to loss of control and surgery not going according to the initial plan.

Neobiotech has taken this issue into consideration during the design process, and have ultimately removed the need for a handle guide, going straight into the drilling process.


Predictable placement of implants with various types of drivers

Neobiotech's guide kit comes with a range of implant drivers, to suit each restorative and surgical situation at hand.

These include:

Achieving depths of 1.5mm and 3mm through use of fixture driver with STOP along with offset application;

Normal contra-angle drivers with offset application;

Hand ratchets, etc.

Specially designed drills for low speed drilling (50 rpm) with minimal noise that is easy to control. Although a lower speed reduces drilling force with denser bone areas being more difficult to drill in, Neobiotech's guide kit drills are specially designed in a manner to overcome this and provide the necessary drilling force.

Drilling can also be used for bone harvesting.