Neo Master Kit


Neo Master Kit Features with the mesiodistal size of crown determined. Guide Point Drill with MD Spacer installed is used for drilling. The MD Parallel Pin is installed to measure intervals between implants.


  • Compatible with IS-II active, IS-III active, IT-III active
  • Surgical drills and fixture drivers for fixture implantation are included.
  • Applicable fixture types: IS-Ⅱ active / IS-Ⅲ active / IS-Ⅲ active S-Narrow / IT-Ⅲ active.
  • For fixtures with Ø5.5 and more, S-Wide kit is required.

  • Additional Drill Stopper
  • Slots for frequently used drill stoppers are doubled.
  • Additional drill stoppers can be separately available for purchase.
  • 5 slots are available for: 7.3, 8.5, 10.0, 11.5, 13.0mm
  • Additional stoppers may be pre-installed on the following drill to reduce surgery time and increase convenience.
  • Implantation Interval Inspection

In multiple cases, intervals and directions between implants are measured with MD Parallel Pin. The distance may be measured within the range from Ø4.0 to Ø9.0, with the mesiodistal size of the crown determined.



Neo Master Kit manual pdf - Click to download


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