Kerator Locator Abutment System

Overdenture Locator Abutment System with Male Housing and 3 retention caps
for Neobiotech Implants IS series.

Cuff height + abutment with 1.48mm height makes one of the lowest profile in the overdenture market.

Abutment cuff heights are available in 5 sizes

A) 2mm
B) 3mm
C) 4mm
D) 5mm
E) 6mm
<What's in the package>
1 x Kerator Locator Abutment (with a holder used for impression coping)

1 x Metal housing set including
  1 x Titanium metal housing
  1 x White soft block-out spacer
  1 x Nylon cap (extra light retention)
  1 x Nylon cap (light retention)
  1 x Nylon cap (normal retention)
<User Manual>
<other components>

F) Abutment driver for Kerator abutment
G) Matching torque wrench
H) Magic tool for insert and removal of the retention cap
I) Impression coping
J) Lab analogue