Genesis Impression Material - Light Body (pack of 2)

Hydrophilic Vinyl Polysiloxane Impression Materials Light Body

Genesis Light series are hydrophilic vinyl polysiloxane impression material. It is used for one-step impression taking of whole teeth or individual tooth in the mouth.

Product Characteristics

  • Second impression material for Inlay, Onlay, Crown Bridge, full mouth
  • The lowest deformation
  • Excellent hydrophilic
  • No gas, No bubbles
  • Very Fine detail accuracy
  • Homogenous bubble-free
  • Medium flexibility and viscosity enable detail impression of partial or complete denture
  • Excellent hydrophilic able to make very fine impression model
  • High Detail Reproduction able to make the reproduction of plaster model

Application Range

  • Impression taking of full mouth / individual teeth
  • Impression taking of crown, bridge, inlay, onlay
  • Impression taking of mono-phase, partial and full dentures
  • Impression taking of implants

Material specification, CE and FDA pdf files download here

Neo Dental is a stockist of Genesis Impressions Material (exported to EU/US/NZ/AU by CharmDent) and also CharmFlex (Korea and exports) that are identical in property with two brandings. Manufactured by Dentkist, Korea.