Saeyang Implant Motor Ki-20

Demo units only, available for sale - Please inquire.

KI-20 Implant Motor by Saeyang Korea

Precision Control for Surgical Procedures

Designed and produced to the highest standards of reliability, durability, torque accuracy and power availability, the Ki-20 Implant Motor is a micromotor system that clinicians can confidently and safely rely on.

Ki-20 is a compact, stylish and fully integrated system incorporating Saeyang's unique design.

Each units guarantees accurate speed (200-40,000 RPM) and torque (5~70 Ncm) for 20:1 (or 5~90 Ncm for 32:1) control.

The wide range of inbuilt speed and torque settings allow clinicians to use Ki-20 with any implant system and for many other surgical procedures.

Ki-20 is available in 2 options: Ki-20 LED optic or Ki-20 non-optic.

-9 Memory programs
-Powerful torque (up to 70 Ncm on 20:1 / up to 90 Ncm on 32:1)
-Wide spread range (30 to 40,000 rpm)
-High torque accuracy
-Light and small micro-motor
-LED illumination (over 32,000 LUX)
-Excellent durability
-Autoclavable (135degree) handpiece

-12 months warranty


Brand X Comparisons

Brand X Optic $5,857+gst (on special $5,797+gst) (Extra handpiece $828+gst)
Brand X Non-Optic: $5,020+gst (on special $4,512+gst) (Extra handpiece $737+gst)
(in NZD, excl GST & shipping)