i-Brush (Version 1 & Version 2)

i-Brush 2

Please note: i-Brush 1 has been discontinued but a small stock still available. You can chose from options at the end of this page.

Perfect Cleanse the infected implant surface 
without surface damage.

Mechanical implant decontamination with i-Brush2.

 is a single-use, state of the art, stainless brush and unique for its kind. Made of stainless bristles for efficient debridement of implant threads and its flexible stem is designed to give easy access to narrow cavities.

- Reproduce rough surface by mechanical debridement of the contaminated implant surface

- L-shaped tip have excellent access between implant threads

Non-surgical treatment of peri-implantitis

- Single patient use only

- Prevent or stop further bone loss, and facilitate new bone regeneration

1:1 Low Speed Handpiece / 2,000~10,000 rpm with irrigation   




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