Genesis Impression Material - Putty

Addition Silicone Impression Material Type of Putty

Genesis Putty is a putty-bodies type and dental addition silicone impression material made by polymerisation as a mixture of Base and Catalyst. 

In dental treatment, it is the first impression material to record the size and associated with the space of the oral tissue. It is easy to manipulate and is less likely to shrink.

Product Characteristics

  • Hand mixing type of Putty
  • Not sticky
  • Homogenous bubble-free
  • Very fine detail accuracy
  • High viscosity type

Application Range:

  • For impression taking
  • Impression taking of crown and bridge
  • For individual tray
  • Impression taking of weak and old teeth / Putty soft

Material specification, CE and FDA pdf files download here

Box includes:

  • 2 x 280ml jars (1 base, 1 catalyst)
  • 2 x measuring scoops

SKU: CDT1307 

Neo Dental is a stockist of Genesis Impressions Material (exported to EU/US/NZ/AU by CharmDent) and also CharmFlex (Korea and exports) that are identical in property with two brandings. Manufactured by Dentkist, Korea.