Genesis Impression Material - Bite

Genesis Bite is a bite registration impression material to measure of the occlusal surface, impression of the teeth of a 3-dimension position for the maxilla and mandible. It has a short polymerisation time and a high final hardness. 

Making it easy to use and remove the low elastic deformation is suitable for bite registration.

Product Characteristic:

  • Fast setting of bite impression
  • High solidity
  • The Lowest dimensional change
  • Very accurate bite impression

Application Range:

  • Impression of the occlusal surface
  • Check the occlusal surface
  • Intraoral incisal pin records after mounting of the occluder

Material specification, CE and FDA pdf files download here

Box Includes:

  • 2 x 50 ml cartridges
  • 6 x Mixing tips 

SKU: CDT1306

Neo Dental is a stockist of Genesis Impressions Material (exported to EU/US/NZ/AU by CharmDent) and also CharmFlex (Korea and exports) that are identical in property with two brandings. Manufactured by Dentkist, Korea.