Fluoresce HD Dual Wavelength MULTIflex Coupler

Fluoresce HD Dual Wavelength MULTIflex Coupler

Using innovative dual wavelengths, Fluoresce HD™ revolutionizes
the way dental professionals excavate caries and existing restorative
materials. Switching from white light to UV with the press of a button,
it transforms the mouth into a colour-coded map, revealing the
difference between decay, composite material and healthy tooth.

Lares Research has added a second wavelength (dark blue, UV, 405 nm) fibre-optic light output to air turbines and electric handpieces to dramatically enhance the visualization of caries and restorative materials. Dentists can quickly and easily switch back and forth between bright white or UV light output with Lares patented dual-wavelength switching technology.

  • During caries removal, the UV light causes porphyrins inside caries bacteria to fluoresce orange/red and healthy tooth light green, providing the dentist with a vivid spacial map of caries.
  • With an air turbine or electric handpiece, the dentist removes only orange/red caries, minimizing the removal of the healthy tooth (minimally invasive), maximizing tooth strength, and reducing the risk of tooth breakage.
  • When all orange/red decayed tissue is removed, the preparation is complete. No probing, caries indicator dye, camera images, etc., are necessary to confirm all caries are removed, saving substantial chair time (single instrument preparation).
  • The UV light also causes restorative materials such as resins, cement, etc. to appear a different colour compared to the healthy tooth structure, enabling dentists to easily see the margin between healthy tooth structure and common restorative materials. This further minimizes the removal of healthy tooth and saves significant chair time.
  • Studies show that caries removal aided by 405 nm UV light is more accurate at identifying remaining decay than alternative methods, minimizing the risk of recurring caries.

Putting Fluoresce HD To Work In Your Practice

Lares has developed solutions for integrating Fluoresce HD into both air turbines and electric handpiece systems based on individual dentist instrument preference.

Air Turbines

Fluoresce HD can be deployed in any fibre optic air turbine with Kavo* MultiFLEX* swivel connection by the addition of the Lares Dual Wavelength Fluoresce Swivel Coupler. This patented coupler allows the dentist to easily change back and forth from white to dark blue (405 nm UV) light as needed with the flip of a switch on the coupler.



  • Achieve TRUE Minimally Invasive Dentistry by preserving 100% of the healthy natural tooth structure
  • Reduce chair time with vertically integrated caries detection during in-vivo caries excavation
  • Reduce your cost by utilizing a 2 in 1 handpiece and caries detection product for a minimal cost increase in your LED coupling



  • 1 x Fluoresce™ HD Dual Wavelength LED MX Coupling

*Kavo and MultiFLEX are trademarks of Kavo Dental GMBH.

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