EM45 SurgiFlexo Tip

Flexible sterile aspirator tip suitable for surgical
aspiration, especially for apicoectomies, gingival
grafts and implantology operations with limited
operating space. Ideal in hard-to-reach areas, such
as in wisdom tooth operations. The possibility
to flex the tube and unscrew the tip allows its
adaptation to different aspiration needs during the
various stages of the operation. Each aspirator tip
is packed in a sterile medical blister with a double
adhesive label to provide maximum traceability.
Each pack includes 20 aspirator tips and 2
adapters: one adapter from 6,5 mm to 11 mm,
the other from 11 mm to 16 mm, providing universal
compatibility. Product Made in Italy.

SKU: #ERD1470 
Box of 20 individually blistered blue cannulas + two adapters. 

Made in Italy by Euronda SpA. Distributed in NZ by Neo Dental Limited.