Monoart® 100% Kit

100 pieces and 100% original.

All the Monoart® essence and the originality of a unique line. All the safety and protection that operators and patients deserve. All the quality of a 100% Italian product, with the attention to detail typical of the Euronda brand.

Practical Kit* containing:

• 100 Towel Up!
• 100 handkerchiefs
• 100 saliva ejectors EM15 (fix tip)
• 100 graffiti paper cups
• 100 protection 3 face masks 
• 80 aprons PG30 capes

Colour: Lime

Box dimensions and weight: 31x31x24 cm (3,2 kg).

SKU: ERD1471


Single-art catalogue

Made in Italy by Euronda SpA. Distributed in NZ by Neo Dental Limited.