Bonding Agent 'BC Plus'

Single component bonding agent


Features and benefits

  • BC plus™ is the 5th generation single-component bonding agent designed to bond all classes of direct composite restorations to dentin, enamel, as well as procedures involving cast metals, composite, treated porcelain and set amalgam.
  • BC plus™ is a light-activated adhesive resin based on an ethanol formulation.
  • BC plus™ allows for indirect restoration procedures, due to its minimal and uniform film thickness.


  • Bonding of direct composite
  • Bonding to composite and set amalgam
  • Bonding of indirect restorations-Porcelain
  • Sealing hypersensitivity areas of teeth


Technical Data



  • 1 bottle x 5

SKU: VRC1311 

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For Dental use only

Made in Korea by Vericom Co., Ltd.

Distributed in New Zealand by Neo Dental Ltd.