Collagen Membrane 'T-Gen' [porcine xenograft]

  • Convenient for use without distinction of upper / lower side
  • Fast hydration and excellent tensile strength
  • Good adaptation to various defects

  • Excellent tear resistance
  • Prolonged barrier function and duration

  • Excellent assistance for fast blood supply to the defect
  • Lower incidence of soft tissue dehiscence


T-Gen has excellent tensile strength and thus, it can
enable better handling properties for tear resistance
in surgery than other products. In addition, T-Gen
features excellent adaptation to surface contour due
to fast hydration and excellent flexibility.


T-Gen facilitates excellent maintenance in
the body with slow resorption. T-Gen provides a
prolonged barrier function of more than 3 months
compared to B products.


T-Gen has high porosity and specific surface area,
which support excellent blood supply. This ensures
optimal regeneration of bone and soft tissue.


The suture pullout strength of T-Gen is higher than a
comparable membrane due to its distinct structure. It
enables enough mechanical strength and a low risk of

T-Gen ensures a significantly lower incidence of soft
tissue dehiscence due to natural collagen structure
compared with other available membranes.


Contents: TG-1, 1ea/Box, 15mm x 20mm

SKU: SKB1261

Contents: TG-1, 1ea/Box, 20mm x 30mm

SKU: SKB1300

Designed and manufactured by Hyundai Bioland Co., Ltd.

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Made in Korea