Bone graft 'CollaOss Plug' [xenograft bone & collagen]

▶ Natural porcine bone graft material with collagen similar to human bone structure

  • High particle adhesion and convenient handling due to contained collagen.
  • Fast soft tissue healing & excellent colour matching with surrounding soft tissue.
  • The collagen matrix stabilizes blood clots and helps bone regeneration.

▶ Extended collagen degradation period by natural bridging property enables long-term preservation of bone volume

▶ Optimal plug shape for convenient gap distance filling during implant surgery

▶ Keywords
HA 90%±5%
Collagen 10%±5%
Periodontal bone defect
Well-formed macro/microporous
Easy manipulation and adhesion due to collagen
Human study (III: extraction socket, IV: peri-implant defect)
Intrabony defect
Slow absorption
Partial remodelling




  1. Product information brochure
  2. Instructions for use
  3. Dental alloplastic bone substitutes currently available in Korea: Ku et al., Korean Assoc Oral Maxillofac Surg. 2019 Apr; 45(2): 51–67.

CollaOss Plug:


1ea/Box, Size 0.1g (100 mg)

SKU: SKB1263 


1ea/Box, Size 0.25g (250mg)

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Made in Korea by Hyundai Bioland Co., Ltd. Distributed in New Zealand and Australia by Neo Dental Ltd.