High-pressure water flosser with a HOCL generator [Sterilizer Pik-S]

World's first oral irrigator with a built-in HOCL generator using electrolysis of tap water. Effective for sterilizing together with high-pressure irrigation.


Sterilizer PIK-S is the New, Updated version of Sterilizer PIK:

The Sterilizer PIK-S is a new type of oral irrigator which uses hydrogen water for dental cleaning. Hydrogen water has real sterilizing effects, different from tap water used in ordinary oral irrigators that do not have disinfecting powers.  


  • What`s in the box: 

HNC1343 [Set only]

Main body x1, Wireless charger base x1, Jet-tip x4


HNC1366 [Set + USB power adapter]

Main body x1, Wireless charger base x1, Jet-tip x4, USB power adapter x1


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Manufactured in Korea by H&Care Co., Ltd.

Distributed in New Zealand by Neo Dental.