Krafit Ki-20 Advanced Implant Motor

NEW KI-20 Advanced (Gen 2)

Premium Implant Motor by Krafit at Saeyang Korea

Precision Control for Surgical Procedures

Designed and produced to the highest standards of reliability, durability, torque accuracy and power availability, the Ki-20 Implant Advanced Motor is a second-generation implant micromotor system that clinicians can confidently and safely rely on.

Ki-20 advanced is a compact, stylish and fully integrated system incorporating Saeyang's unique design.

Each unit guarantees an accurate speed of 10-2,000 RPM (or 7~1,200 RPM for 32:1 gear ratio) and torque (5~80 Ncm) for 20:1 (or 5~90 Ncm for 32:1 gear ratio) control.

The wide range of inbuilt speed and torque settings allow clinicians to use Ki-20 with any implant system and for many other surgical procedures.

Ki-20 is available in 2 options: Ki-20 Advanced Single or Ki-20 Advanced Dual.


What's NEW

-Record medical records on USB

-Torque calibration

-Larger LCD display

-Compact micro motor feature with 1:1 gear ratio 40,000 RPM

-Displaying the torque graph in real-time

-Dual motor with irrigation pumps (optional)


12 months warranty

Accessories available


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