Premium oral care gift set [Dentique]


Six twisted grip toothbrushes with angled and tapered filament bristles. Each with a different degree of bristle softness: Extra-soft, Soft, Medium, Firm, Hard and Extra-Hard.

Three tubes of toothpaste (130g) made with natural ingredients and to be used with its specific toothbrush: Gum Care, Brightening Care and Refresh Care. 

Comes with a sleek, modern-looking gift box containing 3 boxes of toothpaste and toothbrushes sets for specific care:

1. Refresh Care Synergy Package (Refresh Care Toothpaste + Tea Green Hard Toothbrush + Volcanic Grey Extra Hard Toothbrush) - Green Box

2. Brightening Care Synergy Package (Brightening Care Toothpaste + Pearly White Normal Toothbrush + Charcoal Black Normal Firm Toothbrush) - Black Box

3. Gum Care Synergy Package (Gum Care Toothpaste + Propolis Yellow Extra Soft Toothbrush + Salty Pink Soft Toothbrush) - Yellow Box 

SKU: DTQ1407

Made in Korea