Collagen Membrane 'MegaDerm™ Plus' [allograft*]

Acellular dermal matrix allograft 

Effectively applied to burn, trauma, soft tissue defects, and reconstruction of soft tissue including dental implantology.



  • Excellent biocompatibility.
  • Cells in the dermis that can cause an immune reaction are perfectly eliminated with the proper 3-dimensional structure of the dermis.
  • World’s first E-beam sterilization ensures the safety of the products.
  • The membrane is removed by the high-precision processing technology that promotes the influx of the fibroblasts and the regeneration of blood vessels.
(Maintain 3 to 4 months)


    • 15mm x 20mm x 0.5mm~0.7mm, 1ea / pack

    MegaDerm™ Plus is made by processing the donated human skin, which is processed using AlloClean® technology.

    The Alloclean® process inactivates or removes cell debris, antigens, and potential viruses while maintaining the structural integrity inherent in the pre-processed collagen. MegaDerm™ Plus is used not only in skin transplantation but also in soft-tissue reconstruction.

    Product SKU:

    1 pack: LCB1298

    3 packs+1*: LCB1360

    *Buy 3 packs, get the 4th pack free.


    Made in Korea