Intra Oral X-ray

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High-Quality Imaging

  • No more Blurred image by X-ray tube head with 0.8mm focal spot.
  • Optimal resolution image for endodontics and bone structure diagnostics.
  • Stable output and High-quality image acquisition through high-frequency DC generator (60kHz).
  • Inverter DC.

Ergonomic design

  • Ergonomically designed X-ray tube head.
  • Accurate and convenient positioning with lightweight and smooth moving arm.

Reduced radiation dose

  • Radiation dose reduction by selecting a wide range of exposure time (0.01 to 3.2 sec).
  • The level of radiation dose Corresponding with international standards.

Easy & Safe Operation

  • Adjustable set-up for patient’s size (adults/children) and specific teeth.
  • Intuitive interface and touch type control panel.
  • Quick operation in the APR preset memory.
  • Easy to use switch controlling the density according to the receptor(film, sensor).
  • Adjustable chair-height.
  • Very easy to move in a wide range of positions.
  • Easy Installation even in a small space.
  • Optimum performance and durability.






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SKU: HDX1370

Made in Korea by HDX WILL 

Distributed in New Zealand by Neo Dental