Hulaser K2 mobile NZ Webinar by Dr Peter Kim

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Recorded webinar is now available.

We are happy to invite you to a free zoom meeting, 1 CPD point webinar, for an introduction and training of Hulaser K2 Mobile. 

Hulaser K2 Mobile is only one and first AFL (Adjustable Fiber Length) diode laser system in the world.

It’s a powerful but yet small and light-weighted device able to be used efficiently to thirty different applications such as Apical Abscess treatment, Laser curettage mild, Implants, Vestibuloplasty surgery, laser tooth whitening, TMJ pain, etc.

The training was designed for newer users in mind but will accommodate experienced users. On the 60 minute training, you will have a good overview of Hulaser functionality and usability, and get to know all the benefits the device can bring to your daily practice.

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