Bonegraft 'CollaOss Putty' [xenograft bone & collagen]

▶ Natural porcine bone graft material with collagen similar to human bone structure

  • High particle adhesion and convenient handling due to contained collagen.
  • Fast soft tissue healing & excellent colour matching with surrounding soft tissue.
  • The collagen matrix stabilizes blood clots and helps bone regeneration.

▶ Extended collagen degradation period by natural bridging property enables long-term preservation of bone volume

▶ Optimal plug shape for convenient gap distance filling during implant surgery




▶ Convenient shape control, application and handling after hydration due to the viscosity of collagen

▶ Stable blood clot by collagen provides favourable environments for bone regeneration

▶ Applicable to various defects and cases by granular form

▶ Long-term volume stability, fast soft tissue healing after the placement of dental implants

Enhanced user’s convenience

● Convenient hydration: bowl-shaped container can be used for hydration by directly pouring saline into the container.
(Recommended that CollaOss and saline be mixed at a ratio of about 1:3)

Excellent hydrophilicity and handling

● Easy to be shaped for various applications and adhered to the defect after hydration with saline.

Clinical case

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CollaOss Plug:

Contents: 1ea/Box, Size 0.1g

SKU: SKB1263

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CollaOss Putty

Contents: 1ea/Box, Size 0.25g

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Made in Korea by SK bioland Co., Ltd.