Cushion Correct Denture Adhesive


Product explanation in English




Cushion Correct is a long-lasting denture adhesive.

This is a new type of denture adhesive stabiliser that keeps the contact surface between denture and gum with a comfortable cushioning effect. This custom cushion eliminates the pain commonly experienced in the gum, enabling the user to chew on solid foods with ease. The removal and insertion of dentures give a smooth and comfortable feeling. It is also very convenient to use, as the cushioning effect will continue up to 5 days even with regular contact with water when rinsing.


  1. With outstanding adhesive force, it relieves gum pain and does not hurt it either.
  2. The denture will be more properly stabilized on the gum, allowing the user to chew on harder foods more effectively.
  3. A single application of Cushion Correct lasts up to 5 days.
  4. You can freely remove and insert the dentures as well as cleanse them with Cushion Correct applied on.
  5. The color of the stabilizer blends well with the denture, making them look more natural.
  6. A tool is included so contents can be easily squeezed out of the tube.

Compatible Dentures

Cushion Correct can be used on the plastic part of dentures

Cushion Correct is not recommended for: Metal dentures; Flexible Dentures (it does not stick well)

Cushion Correct must not be used for: Bridges


Active Ingredients

Polyvinyl acetate, ethanol



Improves the retention and comfort of the denture


12g tube (1ea), extruding instrument (1ea), instruction (1ea) / pkt