Quick Crown preparation Burs Set by Dr Zavadka

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Verdent Bur's review from Dr Michael Kan - Cosmetic Dental, Auckland:

"At Cosmetic Dental we routinely use the Verdent crown bur set, it has all you need. The burs cut very well, and keep their sharpness longer. The set allows my team to set up constantly the way I like so I can prep precisely and efficiently for a better patient experience. I highly recommend the Verdent crown bur set".

Dr Michael Kan
Cosmetic Dental



  • Revolutionary crown preparation set
  • 10 minutes procedure only 
  • CCQ system (Comfort, Control, Quality)
  • Developed to decrease working time and chair time 
  • Easy to use workflow from start to finish 

    Contents of Complete Set

    • 2x Sets of 11 burs each
    • 2x Stainless steel bur stands 
    • 2x Extra burs
    • Box

    SKU: VRD1473

    Contents of Mini Set:

    • 1x Set of 5 burs in a case
    • 1x Stainless steel Bur Stand 
    • Box

    SKU: VRD1474

    Made in Poland

    Imported and distributed by Neo Dental Ltd, New Zealand



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