Autoclave B-Class 23L

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Osaka Dental - B Class Autoclave

Osaka Dental B Class Autoclave was first introduced in 2018. Three practices in Auckland used it as a daily workhorse for the initial period. After 3 years, it required a component replacement. All three practices decided to buy new ones of the same model, hence now we have spare units in stock to introduce to other practices.

It is a reliable unit with an affordable price tag. Smaller 18L tanks and larger 23L tank sizes are available.

It meets and exceeds European Standard EN13060 for standard Class B with three times vacuum and drying processes.

An opening tank on the top is convenient for cleaning. vacuum at -0.8 bar. It has daily BOWIE&DICK test mode.

Safety lock and triple temperature. Overload protection.
Easy to operate, modern design and quality.
Convenient 4-Button panel with cristal LCD.

Built-in thermal printer to print all records of the sterilizer activities. You can use the EFTPOS roll to refill the printing papers.




LCD Display

Built-in Printer

121℃ or 134℃ cycle

Separately Programme for Testing

Double-Lock for safety 

Water level sensor

Automatic or manual water inlet and outlet

Measures: 820*625*535mm

Capacity: 23L

Weight: 57kg

Colour: Off white with a grey model shown on photos available (no lilac colour available)


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Comes with a 12 months warranty.

Limited stock in New Zealand is available for pick up in Auckland.

Bulk order special price available with 6-8 weeks for shipping.

Please contact us for more details.


SKU: OSK1389