Autoclave B-Class 23L

A+ European Quality - B Class

23 Litres Autoclave


  1. European Standard EN13060 with an opening tank on the top which is convenient for cleaning.
  2. Standard Class B with three times vacuum and drying - the remaining temperature of sterilized instrument is less than 0.2%.
  3. Vacuum data can reach -0.8bar.
  4. Fits various instruments, including packed, unpacked, solid, hollow, multi-apertures and inset pipes.
  5. Fuzzily computer-controlled digital bright show - The interface is a modularized panel for easy operation.
  6. It is installed with BOWIE&DICK which measures the penetration of water steam.
  7. It has vacuum text which can make sure the ability of texting vacuuming.
  8. Sterilization cycle self-comment.
  9. Fast and independent steam generator.
  10. Large capacity instrument tray made of SS. SU304.
  11. Safety lock and triple temperature. Overload protecting.
  12. Auto/Manual water adding.
  13. Inset cleaning device.
  14. Special function of creating medicine cotton and sterilizing rubber items.
  15. Handsome aspect and good quality.
  16. Convenient 4-Button panel with cristal LCD.
  17. Built-in mini printer which can record the sterilizer information.
  18. Easy to manage warning messages in case of any error.

Application Field: Dental Clinic, Hospital, First-aid Station, Laboratory, Veterinary hospital, Beauty Parlor, Tattoo House.



LCD Display

Built-in Printer


Separately Programme for Testing

Double-Lock for safety 

Measures: 820*625*535

Capacity: 23L

Weight: 57kg


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SKU: OSK1389