Collagen Membrane 'CollaGuide' [xenograft]

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CollaGuide [Renamed: T-Gen - the same product with identical composition but a different name and packaging]

CollaGuide [Renamed T-Gen - the same product with a different name and packaging

Absorbable collagen membrane with excellent tear resistance


CollaGuide is safe and doesn't induce inflammation or provoke rejection because it is manufactured with highly refined type latelo-collagen derived from porcine skin.

Manufactured with medical grade collagen in accordance with international quality standards.


With its bioabsorbable characteristics, secondary surgery for removing membrane is unnecessary, which reduces the burden imposed on both patients and medical operators.

For its outstanding tensile strength and flexibility, handling is much easier.


Ideal bilayer structure with collagen film layer blocking bacteria/foreign material and collagen sponge layer inducing easy tissue regeneration guides rapid bone regeneration.

It lasts from 3 to 5 months, thus provides enough recovery period.


Just like a blood vessel, Syncera's macropores and micropores spread inside and outside the bone graft material.


Superior tensile strength of CollaGuide compared to other products both in dry and wet conditions results in resistance to tearing


▶2 months after surgical treatment, the film layer of CollaGuide acts as an effective barrier, and rapid ossification is observed on the sponge layer by osteocytes formation.

▶ 3 months after the surgical treatment, tight attachment of newly formed bone is observed.

▶ CollaGuide maintains form for up to 8 weeks without being absorbed.

Product A is totally absorbed, and absorption and calcification were observed in product B.


Available sizes

A. 15mm x 20mm x 0.3mm [nzd 120]

B. 15mm x 30mm x 0.3mm [nzd140]

C. 30mm x 40mm x 0.3mm [nzd 160]


Price excl GST and shipping

Manufactured for Oscotec (OCT Inc.) in South Korea.
Made in Korea by SK bioland Co., Ltd.

Imported and distributed by Neo Dental Limited New Zealand